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Amanda Watkins, President Phone Icon 756-3020
  Jarrod Brockman, Vice President Phone Icon 756-3020 Email Icon Email

Our HES PTO Officers

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend a PTO Meeting…

And Join the Hardinsburg Elementary PTO!


10.      It’s a great way to meet other families with children the same age as your own.                 


9.                      You will become a greater part of your children’s early learning experiences!


8.                      To help raise money for a great cause - your children’s education!


7.                      Get to know the Teachers at HES and to understand their needs and ideas.


6.                      It’s one more way to meet and talk with the Principal and Assistant Principal.  Hear the monthly Principal’s update about new and exciting changes happening at HES.


5.                      You can create, plan and execute fun events for the whole family!


4.                      It’s an hour or so off each month from your hectic household routine.


3.                      Camaraderie and networking with other parents, while working toward a common goal.


2.                      Experience the feeling of self worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts pay off in the smile of your children and their friends.


1.                      And finally, the number one reason to join us….




You’re encouraged to attend the next PTO meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at 6:00pm.



 Click Here For The HES PTO By-Laws

THE HES PTO meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the HES Library.  There are no fees or dues, just access to valuable information abut HES.  We hope to see you soon!