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Subjects Taught
5th Grade


Graduated from WKU in 2003 with Bachelor's in Elementary Education

Received gifted endorsement in Summer 2009

Received Masters in Elementary Education Summer 2011 (I sure hope anyway)


I was lucky enough to do my Student Teaching with Dana Carman in a 2/3 classroom and Lindy Burrows in a 4th grade classroom.

I began teaching in 2003 at Ben Johnson Elementary School, and worked there for 3 years.

I was awarded the opportunity to work with the GT program at HES in 2006 and I jumped at that opportunity.  I have been lucky enough to continue working with this very unique group ever since.


OK, here comes the worst part of any online form, the part about yourself.  I hate talking about me, so I will keep this short.  I am a normal guy.  I have 3 rotten/cute little girls who actually look up to me, at least for now, and I love that.  I love being around them and being the person they look up to as a role model, that's pretty cool.  I also am very lucky to have found the woman who is the perfect fit for me, and understands my moods and all that good stuff.  We just got married in October, and it has been great.  The planning for the wedding was horrible, but the results were great.

I am a huge fan of Superman, just ask any student, former or current, and I collect a ridiculous amount of Superman things.  Luckily, my wife is cool with this and I have not had to get rid of a single item (so far).  I also enjoy collected hard rock cafe shot glasses. I enjoy going to concerts, and have actually become a little bit of a theatre buff since meeting my wife.  We have seen several broadway plays, and will probably continue doing so as long as there is something worth watching.  I love to watch the Colts play, but here lately it hasn't been as much fun as in the past.  I enjoy going to the movies, reading books, playing video games, and most importantly, listening to a wide variety of music.

I am a generally happy person and I am very thankful for everything I have in this world.  I feel very lucky to work with kids on a daily basis and help them form ideas in their minds, and see that idea grow.  I could not see myself doing anything else.